It’s hard to imagine how any words that I write about Seth’s work could possibly say more than the work itself.  Just look at it!   When I asked Seth to create the cover art for my band, Nomadica’s, debut cd, I knew he would give us something detailed, eye-catching and on schedule, but I have to say that he really outdid himself.  Seth created something so stunning that it never fails to elicit an “Oh My God this is gorgeous” type of response before the person even hears the music.  In Nomadica, I have the great pleasure and good fortune to work with some of the finest musicians in Canada.  I am over the moon that Seth has created a such a rich and playfully mystical visual dimension to our exuberant, elegant, wild-east-meets-west sound.  He really nailed it and I love sharing our recording all the more as a result!

Roula Said

Musician, Nomadica