This was a fun and challenging project. My very first 30 sec commercial ad spot was part of a multiple entry submission which also included a print ad & 3D printable model.

CG Society MODO: Time Travel Challenge

TIME 30 Second TV Ad

Final delivery could also include a one minute “director’s cut” for viral extended application.

Final 30 Second TV Ad Strategy:

Use Modo for as many different things as possible. (To demonstrate this, please see the list of what was integrated into the 3 submissions) I wanted to add the challenge of creating the whole thing from the 30 sec spot, the print ad to an actual physical product in a “timely fashion”.

Since TIME is the focus I wanted to see how much time it would take to create a compelling offering economically in a real world “in house” environment.  As of the date of this entry, everything was completed with more then a week to spare before the competition deadline. This is what makes Modo great for any visualizing application. I was able to learn apply way more then I ever did with my previous Modo knowledge and gained the confidence that Modo was the best choice for this specific application and it excites me to move forward.


1st Animation:

  • I used the existing foundry branding to extend the value to the TIME logo, backwards clock animation and to the TIME machine itself.
  • – Used Print Ad model to create animation. – Used existing stock video footage for texturing the sky to create an environment and lighting support and time reversal.
  • Utilized stock footage as animated displacement maps for the time/space distortion fx under the TIME machine.
  • Created animated ripple displacement map for TIME machine.
  • I used shared content desert floor from the Modo community asset portal.
  • – Used support volumetric lighting glow around the TIME ship.
  • Lens distortion for dramatic take-off tension and dimensional warping.

2nd Animation:

  • Used Print Ad model to create animation of “luxury car” glam shots.

3rd Animation:

  • Used support volumetric lighting glow for final wipe to The Foundry logo.
  • Used existing footage I had for the 2 circular screens added to the chair.
  • Minimal fx added in After Effects
  • Type treatment motion design from illustrator Print Ad design.
  •  Ramping random jitter to takeoff animation.
  • Subtle displacement to air around TIME machine for heat / plasma effect.


Original music score was created in Logic and sound fx from my stock folley library (including the ticking clock that gets turned into a beat).

TIME Print Ad

Final Print Ad can be used – as small or large format print poster, magazine ad or e-flyer – as value added in box with 3D Print Production model

Final Print Ad Strategy:

There seems to be never enough time to create the ultimate anything by focusing only on the complex strength of a product or service… Selling it with simplicity first off, can shave much precious resources off production times and leaves room to push the BIG buttons later on in a campaign. Getting ready to “Ramp Up” when there is a solid buy-in from the client or creative lead is paramount to winning the bigger game. This approach is what created the Print Ad and set the tone for the rest of the submissions.

TIME 3D Print Production

3D model glamor shot – with metallic finish. 3D print Strategy: This was the last task to create a print model from the existing assets. After inspecting the model, I wasn’t happy with the mesh weight and repairs were not time effective since 3D printing could be adversely effected. I decided to use Modo’s retopology tool to recreate the outer spheroid and satellites and I am very glass I did. The model is light and clean. – I used a modified pilot chair from the Modo asset library. – Used the retopology tool to cleanup Mesh Fusion booleans and prep model for printing. – I took MakerBot’s suggestion and exaggerated / sculpted in some detail like the drop levying the core hull. – I created a box like most action figures and collectable models, they come in cool packaging. – I also created a one pager brochure sci-fi technology back story to extend the concept and as a “value added”. • TIME 3D print could ship: – In “The Foundry.” branded box – With poster of the TIME ad – With poster style “1 pager” TIME feature highlights