16 November 2015
To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing this letter regarding the qualifications of Seth Rowanwood, an artist/iinterface designer who recently worked with our firm.
Seth is a highly creative individual with a keen eye for style. We have been quite pleased with the appearance of his work – obviously, the number one characteristic for a designer – but also with the working process. He knows how to work with a team to help them define and explore the meaning and purpose of what they are doing, and can then use that knowledge effectively to help build branding concepts and specific visuals for a brand or a group of brands.
I am very particular about the look and feel of the materials that we use, and about specific aspects such as fontography. Seth has a great sense for fonts and how to use them effectively.
I look forward to the opportunity to work again with Seth on another project.
I will be happy to discuss our experiences in more detail, if desired.

William Fisher

President, Quicksilver Software, Inc.

Seth is one of the most creative minds on the planet. His ability to articulate complicated visually stunning worlds in a variety of styles makes him my go-to person for create projects that count. Since we’ve worked together for almost 20 years, we have great communication which is important. He has never let me down on any creative project, Seth is a true creative genius who possesses a mastery of the tools. A real gem. Deborah Hession


Seth has a great talent for listening to his clients and an ability to beautifully articulate their ideas into physical design. The logo he designed for me embodies the spirit of our mission statement and the soul of the company.  I am beyond grateful to have connected with him and I look forward to commissioning him again.  Thanks Seth!!!

Claire Levick


Inklight sponsored the design of Pueblito Canada’s general brochure, in addition to providing valuable advice on branding and the development of an institutional logo. The service was timely and professional, the staff was creative and insightful. On behalf of all Pueblito staff members and Board of Directors, thank you, Seth and Inklight, for sharing your expertise! Your dedication to helping non-profits is truly appreciated. Maya Dafinova

Executive Director, Pueblito Canada

Seth rocks. A talented artist, hands down. His stuff speaks for itself, honestly, but if you like to hear a second opinion then I”ll give it to you: if you need art for your videogame, movie, book, TV show, etc., call Seth. You”ll be happy you did. John Rockefeller

Web Developer and E-solutions , The Letter M Marketing

Truly a wizard of images, Seth is able to pluck them from the mind and present them better than you imagined them. While going through the creative process with him and observing him work his magic on branding and design, I quickly found myself completely open and trusting of his opinions. Seth can always be expected to deliver nothing less than impressive work even under a tight deadline. Nick Montgomery

Director of Photography, Cameraman, Merc Media

Seth/ Inklight not only branded our business, but brought our vision into further clarity in the process.  He was immediately able to see and deepen the mystical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual elements of our work, weave them together, and create a beautiful brand that we still receive so many compliments on.  Seth is a visual magician… he has a gift for channelling the essence of what people are working toward, and crystallizing that essence in his designs.  Hire him while you can! Annahid Dashtgard

Senior Partner, Anima Leadership

Right away, inklight understood my brand and was able to refurbish the logo I had already. I was also happily surprised to see how fast my website was created and put online. I would recommend inklight to anyone needing creative, intelligent design and web development. Jim Garland

Owner, Footprints Eco Store

Seth has worked on the covers for two of our books, both part of a series with a complex concept. It’s hard to illustrate quasi-immortal shamans with an urban fantasy/thriller feel and not look like every other urban fantasy cover on the block. Yes, somehow Seth hits the mark every time. Especially lovely are the visual cues he adds to the image. For example, for the latest cover he added a stylized phylogenetic tree and a glimpse of a cave painting. It’s delightful to work with an artist who embraces a book to the extent Seth does, absorbing its meaning and translating it visually. Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Publisher, Innsmouth Free Press

Seth Rowanwood is more than an incredibly talented artist. He works hard to listen and intuit the “story” for which he is developing a concept. You want him on your project! Lex Horton

Publisher, Smyth & Helwys Publishing, www.helwys.com

Seth is an extremely passionate, smart and talented artist and art director I have met. he has an amazing visualization for graphic art and conceptual design. he’s also technically skilled and knowledgeable of many 2D and 3D software to get any tasks done efficiently. he is a very generous and compassionate art director. Dio Lee

Lead Illustrator, XMG Studio

Seth has one of the most creative minds I have ever encountered – his artistic and creative abilities continue to amaze me on a regular basis. I also appreciate the depth of his knowledge in so many deep subject matters, and how he integrates this into his art and his work on so many levels. I believe he has done some profound inner work and that level of spiritual achievement in challenging himself has paid off in a number of ways. This wisdom also comes through his incredible resume of consistently producing great art in a myriad of interesting projects. What I also love about Seth is his genuine nature – he cares deeply about others and engages in projects that will make the world a better place. I continue to learn so many valuable things from Seth, he is a great asset to any team! Dee Sharma

Founder, Director, NuYuga

Seth Rowanwood was introduced to me by a mutual friend, who had a logo and business card designed for her by him. I was very impressed by the design and its poignant relevance to the business. Subsequently, Seth and I began an enlightening journey to establishing a logo and identity for a new company I was launching.

A thorough discussion of my objectives and thoughts was undertaken by Seth. I was astounded at how in sync we had become during the initial thoughts process. The resulting logo is intriguing, and has the impact that I desired. Seth’s intuitive understanding made the process a joy. We now have formed a valuable, and trusted, partnership to further develop the business identity.

Mike Boylan

Business Owner

We LOVE our new Press+1 logo created by Seth at Inklight! The logo is super-cool, unique and dynamic; exactly what we were looking for and the audience response has been hugely positive. the Press+1 logo from Seth has not only changed the face of our magazine, it has been a source of inspiration and pride for our team. Kindah Mardam Bey

Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, Press+

Seth Rowanwood of inklight is not only a fantastic artist but also he is a tertiary innovator who designs his material and logos based on deep understanding of the organization’s mission and impact. Needless to say that Brain Mapping Foundation (BMF), Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT), Brain Technology and Innovation Park (BTIP) and G20 Summit/Neuroscience-20 are very high impact organizations with professional boards. Their complex work reflects online and Seth could design the logos that meet our very high standards. Inklight also have a great turn around for design and production, fantastic customer care and reasonable pricing. We have series of new on going projects with the company and highly recommend Seth Rowanwood and his company. Babak Kateb

| M.D.| Founding Chairman of the Board of Directors| CEO and Scientific Director| President & Scientific Director, Director, National Center for NanoBioElectronics

It’s hard to imagine how any words that I write about Seth’s work could possibly say more than the work itself.  Just look at it!
When I asked Seth to create the cover art for my band, Nomadica’s, debut cd, I knew he would give us something detailed, eye-catching and on schedule, but I have to say that he really outdid himself.  Seth created something so stunning that it never fails to elicit an “Oh My God this is gorgeous” type of response before the person even hears the music.  In Nomadica, I have the great pleasure and good fortune to work with some of the finest musicians in Canada.  I am over the moon that Seth has created a such a rich and playfully mystical visual dimension to our exuberant, elegant, wild-east-meets-west sound.  He really nailed it and I love sharing our recording all the more as a result!

Roula Said

Musician, Nomadica

We wanted a vehicle wrap that would look like a rolling piece of art expressing our ethic and vision … Numerous graphic artists were considered but only Seth had the combination of creative personal force and the varied and impressive resume to inspire confidence that he was the right choice. The results are nothing short of amazing, and our Veggie Gourmet cosmic chariot turns heads wherever it rolls. We couldn’t have done it without Seth at Inklight. Kim Vidya

Owner, Vidya's Veggie Gourmet

I only had 3 conversations with Seth about my branding.  The first was to help me understand what I needed from a logo. The second was to talk ideas. And the third was to tell him which one I liked.  All in all a very easy experience.  He gets it. Jennifer Stock, Dipl. Ac.

Wholistic Health Practitioner

Seth”s imagination and talents are vast, and this is evident in the work that he produces. More than simply designs, inklight”s creations are pieces of art that fulfill his clients” very specific needs and visions. When explaining to him my own vision, it was understood right away what I was aiming for and the direction I wanted to take. inklght was able to explain very clearly what it was I needed to do in order to accomplish those goals. A. Marchegiano

Director, Jeepers Peeper

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of the Volunteer Centre of Guelph/Wellington, I am writing to thank you for the time and commitment you put into the creation of the short film profiling volunteering with Green Legacy. As a result of your contribution, and the efforts of your peers, out Time to Give Annual Breakfast celebrating National Volunteer Week was a tremendous success. You have helped us celebrate the passion and hard work of volunteers in our community. Doug MacMillan

Chairman, Volunteer Centre of Guelph/Wellington

Working with inklight on my branding, logo design, and marketing materials has been the best business choice I have ever made! inklight”s suggestions, foresight and expertise has made my job as a holistic healing practitioner and entrepreneur SO MUCH easier! All of my promotional materials proudly stand out amongst the rest and reflect the same integrity, professionalism and care that I offer. The investment was small and the impact and results are enormous! Everyone who wants their business to thrive needs inklight immediately! I. D''Alessandro

Holistic Health Practitioner, Beyond Diabetes Canada

Seth is an amazing and talented artist. Not only did he work towards a common goal with my logo and branding, but he blew me out of the water. And then he developed a solid look and incorporated in my website. As an artist, it is very tough to allow someone to handle my work, and expand or recreate it. If someone is able to do that, without offending the original artist, or just outright stun them with such an amazing project, they are truly genius. I believe Seth has achieved that with the work he has done for me. Not only have I been extremely graced to have Seth work for me in regards to my branding, but others have raved about my new logo and website. Not even my harshest of critics had anything negative to say about the new look. Thanks Seth! Rob Langille

Artist, Synnister Art

Seth was always the most creative guy in the room.  On a moment”s  notice, he”d be able to come up with the best name for a given product,  like say: “Brush with Death: Zombie Curling!”  Haha, how does he come up  with this stuff?    I”ve known Seth to be an incredibly productive artist who relishes the  opportunity to try new things.  His skill set is immense!  And I know  his heart”s always in the right place.  I”m sure he”d make a great  addition to any team he saw fit to work on. Lake Watkins

Technical Director, XMG Studio

Seth did a fantastic job with our logo. He was able to take our original logo that we loved but needed some work and transform it into the beautiful artwork it is today. Bohemian Palace

…Unyielding, completely in the zen, zone and zest of design. Extremely knowledgeable of designer language and is very easy when explaining situations to clients that have no previous knowledge of the design world. Would recommend to anyone and have already… T. Gofton

Producer, Lynnvander Productions

Seth Rowanwood of Inklight has created the brand and image for our honey business. His artistic talent shines through all his images and he got just the look we were seeking. Our new labels will definitely stand out and promote the value we place on our bees and hive products. Paul Kelly

Research and Apiary Manager, Golden Glow Apiaries, Fergus ON

I am extremely happy with Seth’s creative talents. I hired him to create a logo, business card design and website and what I received was something much more valuable – a brand.  I had some understanding of branding, but now I have a much deeper appreciation for what goes into making a name and business stand out in an ever increasing competitive marketplace.  What Seth came up with blew me away. Not only did I receive a stellar new logo, he created a 3-D version too!  And my new website… rocks!  I have no hesitation in recommending Seth to my friends and colleagues and have already done so to rave reviews.  His ability to communicate graphically and visually is untouchable. Many humble thanks and gratitude for the design and artwork he brought forth. Tricia Sabo

Events Manager

Thank you for adding your “magic touch” to all things Topia. It amazes me that you are able to take my words and turn them into amazing graphics. It”s like you can see what I”m thinking! …Our website now has the branding that it has been missing. The graphics are nothing short of brilliant and inklight”s interpretation of ideas is inspirational. …I have really enjoyed working with inklight. Thanks to his ability to translate concepts into reality, Topia”s website and branding are now at a national level. M Watters

Logistics + Communications, Topia GSRC

I have been engaging Seth for various projects and pitches since 2011. Seth has a very broad reach of understanding regarding various market sectors and the grey areas between them. His multidisciplinary skills as an artist and designer to analyze, innovate and produce very high quality work that lands on target is indispensable to complete quite a variety of assets for projects. Most recently Seth’s help was indispensable, giving the right face and emotion to the winning Avatar Xprize pitch that will be launching this year (22M budget). Seth created not only the branding, posters and short teaser video for Avatar, Working with both the Japanese ANA and the American Xprize teams, Seth also created supporting assets for the technical power point presentation that helped to visualize and contextualize concepts that had yet to be fleshed out.

I would not hesitate to hire him again when the opportunity arises.


Dr Harry Kloor

Executive Producer, Jupiter 9

Seth is an amazing artist. The quality and originality of his illustrations are remarkable. With each new project, I always look forward to seeing what he will come up with. The result is usually beyond my expectations – like The Tales of Anex and Bit. The characters that Seth created are perfect for this comic book series. I look forward to working on Book 2 with him. We are also collaborating on another book series “Topsyturvia”. The initial sketches left me breathless! Coming soon. Joanne Lécuyer

Author & Owner, Topsy Books

I have worked with Inklight for many years throughout various businesses I”ve had. Each time a different approach has been required, and Seth has taken my ideas and words and transformed them into visuals that capture and add additional elements that only an inspired designer & artist could. Brock Shepherd

Owner, Azul, Burger Bar, Kensington Brewing Company

I highly recommend working with inklight for your graphic design endeavours.  I approached Seth Rowanwood to make an AD for Guelph Poetry Slam, which then could be adapted into a flyer and poster template for our events.  With no previously conceptualized logo or branding Seth took the objectives, target audience, and vision of the Guelph Poetry Slam and created a captivating image/logo and marketing concept.  Seth instantly grasped my ideas for the project and carried them forward to excellence.  His idea to use the acronym GPS to market the poetry slam opened the door to innumerable marketing tag lines and future graphic design images for the project. Seth was easy to work with and met our tight timelines; creating a finished ad in only one week.  Seth is professional, personable, and holds his work to a high level of integrity…  He will propel your vision forward. Beth Anne Fischer

Director, Guelph Spoken Word

We have had the pleasure of working with Inklight on 2 occasions. In 1999 upon establishing our Hamilton tattoo shop, Cottage 13, we approached Inklight to amp up our logo and lettering. Our talented tattooer Jen Stewart designed our unique and impactful logo that was taken to another dimension by Inklight through digital manipulation and colour application turning it into a piece of art in and of itself.

The subsequent logo has been used for the past 18 years as an effective brand for our business. Business cards, stickers, t shirts on-line marketing, print advertising….this branding has been successfully applied to all.

Now in 2016 we are gearing up to move our shop to a new location on James St. North in Hamilton. We once again approached Inklight to re-work our logo. Maintaining the same lotus design that has come to represent our business, it has been updated with a new colour scheme and classy, streamlined background effects. We were provided with multiple versions of the new brand concept that we could compare. This allowed for an effortless decision making process.

Inklight redesigned the lettering for our new sign keeping within the same concept of our original font but elevating it to a much more dynamic and effective brand. We were also furnished with a beautiful mock-up of the sign concept with the updated font/lettering. Upon presenting this to the sign maker, we were told it was perfect from a design perspective and required no modifications whatsoever. He happily took on the job and will be able to produce our sign quickly because the design work is done.

Our experience with Inklight on both occasions has been exceptional. Designs were presented to us in a timely manner in a format that made it easy to envision the finished product. We look forward to sharing our updated logo and amazing new sign with our clients, our city and our friends. Thanks Inklight!

Yolanda & Andrew

Cottage 13

I would love to say a few words about your generous gift of your talent to design the cover for my autobiography titled Silver Linings: My Life Before and After Challenger 7. You demonstrated a keen insight into creating symbolism to illustrate the heart of the story. The design, color and clarity are captivating and capture the true meaning and depth of the story. Your cover art is a marvelous illustration that beautifully complements the theme and story line of the book. Thank you. June Scobee Rodgers

Founding Chairman, Challenger Center, www.challenger.org

inklight has worked with traffic on quite a number of freelance jobs and has always brought creative thinking, fresh ideas and a skill of execution to the work he has undertaken. Working with inklight has always been a pleasure. Bernard Hellen

Director, traffic marketing + design inc.

Seth Rowanwood is a smart, skilled filmmaker. He quickly understood what I was hoping to achieve, and helped me create a script to address the main concepts. He was very dedicated to the project, and worked diligently until I was happy with the final outcome. I would not hesitate to request Seth’s skills again. I am comfortable recommending him to anyone looking for a beautiful, comprehensive, high quality film. Shelley Carter

Director, Curator, Elora Tarot Project

inklight has a creative eye for detail and quickly captured the essence of who I was. Everyone who sees my business brochures and cards always remark on the clarity and visual impact they make. I love the passion Seth captures in his work and how his art makes an impression that really stays with you. I love what Seth did for my advertising! My brochures and business cards stand out and I constantly receive compliements on the clarity of their message and crisp artwork. Highly recommended. Atherton Drenth

HET, Paradigm Centre for Wellness

Seth was a motivated, dedicated artist that was very passionate about creating great products. Adam Telfer

VP Game Development, XMG Studio Inc.

Seth transformed a generic-looking web site into one that is unique and welcoming. With a little input he created a personal and beautiful image that perfectly reflects me and my services. I trust his aesthetic sense and incredible graphic abilities. Lesley Sagara


We brought our branding project for our new product line to Inklight, and were not disappointed – we needed to tie in the new product line with an existing umbrella brand, with some updating but without losing the equity in the existing brand. We are so pleased with the final outcome, and receive many compliments on our new look! Essential Botanicals Inc