Seth Rowanwood, through his Inklight Design company, is a real find. Professional, intuitive, creative, skilled, he incorporates a mastery of surface presentation with attention to the inner meaning–the intention–of whatever he’s working on, whether beer, tech or music. He gets work done on time and looks out for the interests of his clients by paying attention to the details of the work, from beginning to end. He also has no problem taking a contrary point of view if he believes it will serve his clients best, but is completely adaptable once a firm decision has been made. I have seen his work with my wife’s work as a teacher and performer over a number of years, and have worked directly with Seth on the design for two recordings. With all of these projects he has provided high quality work that has represented each in a very organic and, let’s say” “true” way, capturing something of the uniqueness and inner spirit of the work. But I have to say that his most recent work, on the “Conversation of the Birds” CD from my Odessa/Havana project, reached a level I’m happy to call “inspired”, and the consistent reaction from fans and industry folks alike have encompassed real kudos and delight in his work.
David Buchbinder

Musician, Composer